Make Your Own Wedding Invitations Express Your Style

Picture this – your invitation arrives by mail. Your guest opens the envelope and reads your invitation to your wedding. They mark their calendar and fills out the response card – and then they throw the invitation away. UGH!!! You spent a fortune on that invite, and now it’s in the trash.

Take away some of that pain, by making your own and not spending a fortune on what is going to end up in the trash. Making your own not only will save you money, but it is a great way to make a very personalized invitation.

You could use one of the kits that are available at most major craft stores. These are easily done on home printers and the assembly is quite easy to do. Or start from the bottom up and create your own.

You can find ideas through library books or ask for the help of a friend who is into scrapbooking. Many of the same tools and supplies used in scrapbooking are what you will need for this project.

Whether you word your invitation with the formal and standard wording or do something very different make sure it answers the questions – who, what, when, where, and why. Make sure the address is clear and includes the street address and town. Main Street can be found in just about any town – be specific or your guest could be at some else’s wedding.

  • Before deciding on the overall look of your invitation, choose your envelope – you can buy these rather cheaply in bulk at the same craft stores, but make your invite to fit or you’ll need something custom to fit any unusual sizes.
  • Use ribbon down the side to add an elegant look to an invite that has been simply printed on one side of card stock. You could also add a decorative edge by using a pair of scissors that cut with a curvy pattern.
  • Add a picture and print information on a piece of vellum. Tie the parts together with a ribbon.
  • Use cute punches to put a design in a corner of a printed invite.
  • Take a picture of the church, print the info on vellum as an overlay.
  • Take a picture of a nice church door, slice the door open down the center, and have the info ‘inside of the door’.
  • Take a picture of the area where your outdoor ceremony will be held, print the picture on card stock, and add the text of the invite with it.

Include in your invite any info your guest may want to know. I.e. ‘the pool in the backyard will be available for swimming once the cake has been cut! Don’t forget your swimsuits.’ Or ‘Hampton Park’s trails are so nice, please feel free to bring your hiking boots and explore, once we’ve had our dinner.’

This added info will make sure your guests come prepared the best way to enjoy your day.

What ever you choose make sure your guest get the info they need and know how they should get there, and how they should be attired. If your invitation is informal they might feel they should dress informal, if the invite is formal they might need to know if its black tie. Give them a hint with the invitation.

Have fun creating your invites and expressing who the both of you really are.

When it comes to designing use the different tools that are available for scrap booking like decorative punches, embossing tools, velum, pictures of the two of you, ribbons, and don’t forget the paper – so many colors and prints out there to use. Design with the envelope in mind. Stock envelopes will be the cheapest, so size them to fit. Use the right kind of tape or glue – some kinds will add bumps and not give the right effect.

Here’s a fun idea – gather your crafty friends and have a design night to pool the talent and come up with the best ideas. The winning design is sure to be original and created with a lot of love.