Are You Wanting a Fairytale Wedding

With all the excitement of becoming engaged and having your fairytale wedding visualized in your head. Your dream is ready to come alive!

This will be a day where you will gave the wedding you have always dreamed about. You will be royalty and it will be an event to remember!

You set a date and then immediately start putting your dream into motion. Two immediate task come to mind 1. Going dress shopping which is so fun! and 2. Finding that perfect Fairytale Wedding Invitation that speaks to who you are and what type of wedding you are having.

Your wedding invites have to be perfect. They are like an advertising campaign for your royal wedding! You want them to be regal, ornate and symbolize your love for one another. They will be beautiful and your guests will be in awe when they see them. The perfect invite will have colors of golds and silver that are embellished with jewels and look like a page from the Cinderella book itself. You might even want to throw in a crown at the top for extra elegance.

At the same time you have a great desire to go dress shopping and find that dress you have always had in your mind. Imagine trying on all the exquisite gowns and finding that perfect regal gown that flows and drapes just how you want it. It fits your body perfectly and you know at that moment that THIS is the ONE. A crown or tiara is place atop your head and your golden or crystal slippers are placed upon your feet completing your princess attire and symbolizing your beauty and elegance that you will present to your prince.

Once those 2 important details are in the works your next big task is to find the grand location that you will host this royal party at. Now if you are in a foreign country to can oftentimes find a castle or medieval structure that could serve your royal purposes. But if none are to be found you can find historical buildings that have great architecture or ballrooms that are over the top and elegant for your day.

A grand ballroom is a great element for your reception. Colors of gold and silver are popular and a hit among Fairytale weddings. Exquisite fabrics drape the walls and chandeliers hang overhead sparkling in the light. You can see yourself making a grand entrance by horse drawn carriage and walking down the red carpet into the center of the ballroom where you will be introduced as the newlywed couple.

Your prince will look his best and present to you a stunning king that you can be proud of. He will be dressed to the nice with his suit and hair done just right. He will have a gleam in his eye and a dance to his step as he sees you in your gown and presents you as his bride.

Your guests in their black tie attire and flowing gowns will highlight this day as the best party ever as they wine and dine on food from your expert chef.

You have been to wine tasting, cake tastings, and dinner tastings and have chosen a 6 course meal that will have their taste buds wanting for more. Your chef prepares gourmet dishes from France, Italy and all over the world. And as they eat off of the fine china sat before them they look at the head table and smile to see you so happy and beautiful. This is truly a day they will remember and be honored to be apart of.

Music plays an important part of the reception. you can choose to have elegant music entertained with dance hits so that all styles and genras are represented. your 1st dance can be an elegant classical song and then you can boogy down with your guests the rest of the night except for the slow songs. We all know that every princess knows how to shake it loose once in a while!

As the night comes to an end and you are about to leave on your carriage you say goodbye in style. Thanking your guests with wedding favors to remember this Fairytale wedding by. Whether they be tasty treats that you have put together for them, or a trinket that symbolizes your love, they will have something to remember for years to come.